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Window Graphics

     Advertising self-adhesive film, known as a film Oracal. In fact Oracal - is one of the manufacturers of self-adhesive advertising films.In Ukraine, the self-adhesive mirror film is represented by the next manufacturers:

     - Oracal,

     - Avery,

     - MACtac,

     - Ritrama,

     - Neschen.

     These types of films have a white or transparent surface. They can also be matte and glossy. For consumers who bought advertising, it does not matter which of the films will be printing their ads with subsequent gluing. These films are important for workers who glues the film, as have different characteristics when glueing. Color and terms of using film- the same. Of course, every manufacturer claims that its material-the best. Please note that all films are almost identical, both in quality and price. All advertising films produced in Europe is really quality material. The difference is only the Chinese advertising film (most often it is not signed by the substrate). This film is much less expensive to purchase, so the cost of production of large-format printing becomes cheaper. But remember that the application timeof the material - very short! The film begins to deteriorate.As they say in this case"Stingypays twice". And it's really true. 

     Don't economize on the quality of  outdoor advertising, not to get the anti-advertising your business. Promotional Vinyl also classified according to the method of use:

- for advertising solvent large format printing

- for Plotting (intraoral films, different colors, matte and glossy), 

- light-diffusingfilm (for use in light-pasting Lightboxes, boxes),

- flexible films, which are used for glueing on flexible surfaces, banners.

automotive film.They are more dense, therefore are used for glueing uneven surfaces. Technology is that - the film is heated, stretched and applied to the surface.After it cools, it shrinks and completely sticking over the whole plane, used for applying advertising.

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