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Price List

 We offer the next conditions for large-format printing (normal quality 720 dpi, photo quality 1440 dpi).

Name of work  720 dpi 1440 dpi

Film «Oracal» 

(glossy, matte, transparent)

60,00 70,00
Film «One way vision» (perforated) 95,00 105,00
Laminated banner 440 g / m ² 60,00 70,00
Banner cast 440 g / m ² 70,00 80,00
Banner cast 510 g / m ² 80,00 85,00
Mesh Banner «Mesh» (Europe) 65,00 70,00
Canvas 250 g / m ² 160,00 170,00
Textiles 120 g / m ² 90,00 100,00
Blueback poster 250,00  
paper sitic 60,00 70,00



STICKING adhesive film



       Plotting - 100.00 UAH per square meter of the material,

       The Company «Unioprint» offers a gualityglueing of outdoor advertisng. Our specialists perform:

      - Dismantling of self-adhesive film oracal - 40.00 - 50.00 UAH per square meter. The cost depends on the complexity of dismantling terms of placement of your advertising(the longer your ad is placed, the more it will take a strong liking to the surface, more work is needed to wash the adhesive layer from the surface). The time of year also affectson cost of dismantling

      - Dismantling of banners, signs-price is announced only after checking the facility of our specialist. 

     - Taping windows, vehicles under your advertising - 50.00 UAH per square meter. We have extensive experience in this area, if necessary we can provide you with references from our loyal customers. 

     - Installation of banners, banner signs- price is announced only after checking the facility of our specialist.

     Refer in our advertising agency, and we help you to make high-quality outdoor advertising  ofyour company.If necessary,for you services of a professional designer to help you pick up any story. 

   You will be satisfied with our work. Call us  067-19-169-19, 066-99-590-99, e-mail us  unioprint@mail.ru, come, we are always glad to see you.

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