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Our recommendations

    Large format printing outdoor advertising in our company "Unioprint" is produced by solvent printing.

     Solvent printing is used when applied to advertising and informational images on materials such as self-adhesive vinyl film, banner (cast outside, laminated internal), building grid, interior materials for printing (photo paper, canvas, cloth). Solvent printing technology is very simple - solvent ink contains special material solvent that eats away the top layer of the material (Oracal, banner ...), penetrating, so in its structure, so it is as if "merging" of the material to the paint. In solvent inks have a huge number of advantages - it does not burn, does not wash with water, which makes it optimal for printing stories of outdoor advertising.

       The only disadvantage of solvent printing - toxic pungent odor, but this disadvantage disappears))

       Company "Unioprint" - manufacturer of outdoor large format printing in Kharkov, recommended to pay attention to the following aspects:

     - When ordering, pay attention to the film substrate. It is important not to buy Chinese stuff, and European film. Chinese film on a substrate usually has label manufacturer. Chinese data on the timing of operation is used for several months. After the film there are chipped, cracked. Chinese film is more influenced by weather conditions, ie summer - the film quickly fades in the autumn and spring - washed.

    - When pasting surfaces of the car, sex, full-color story should hang a protective film. Thus there is a protection of your advertising and it is much longer.

   - For brighter scenes outside the image (when not using the full color image, and must be glued advertising signs, logos) is recommended to use the film, cut a special vinyl cutter. This film is more intense and burns less than, for example, a similar, but printed on the big a printing machine.

     - Do not evaluate the cost of the work at a cost per square meter (print, sticky). All advertising agencies and printing houses use different ways of calculation of value. Most firms consider and the remains of the plot of the film after deposition (promotional adhesive tape has the following widths - 1.00 1,24-1,26, 1.37, 1.60). So happens that the cost per square - cheaper, and the total cost for all the work - more. Often, advertising firms, publishing or intentionally called a low cost per square meter printing. Our company considers all of EXCLUDING BALANCES the material. Ie If your plot has a size of 1200 x 1100 mm, the value is treated as follows:

1.2 * 1.1 * 40 = 52.80 UAH

 At the same time, a number of advertising firms believe with the rest:

1.24 (roll width) * 1.1 * 40 = Rs 54.56

       With large balances or large format printing, the difference can be doubled!

       Solvent printing in Kharkov represented by Unioprint. Us, we work qualitatively.

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