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Offset printing

    For information obout  the cost of the printing, which you plan to print through a digital printing method, please contact our managers by phone 067-19-169-19, 066-99-590-99, or  email us : unioprint@mail.ru.

    To obtain the most accurate information, you need to answer the next questions:

    1. Format of printing:

Euroformat (210*100мм),

А2 (420*594 мм),

А3 (297х420 мм),

А4 (210х297 мм),

А5 (148х210 мм),

А6 (105х148 мм),

А6/2 (74х105 мм).


    2. Type of paper:

80 g/m2 -  thickness is 0.095 mm

90 g/m2 -  thickness is  0.065 mm

100 g/m2 -  thickness  is 0.075 mm

115 g/m2 -  thickness is 0.080 mm (usually, if a large number of copies, magazines, leaflets)

130 g/m2 - thickness is  0.100 mm (often small  printing,up to 1000 single-sided flyers, up to 50 pieces- double sided)

150 g/m2 thickness is 0.115 mm

170 g/m2 thickness is 0.125 mm

200 g/m2 thickness is 0.150 mm (cover)

220 g/m2 thickness is 0.165 mm

250 g/m2 thickness is 0.190 mm (business cards)

270 g/m2 thickness is 0.210 mm

300 g/m2 thickness is 0.235 mm

350 g/m2 thickness is 0.300 mm

     3. Brightness of printing (color or black-white)

     4. One- or two-sided printing

     5. Number of copies

     6. Urgency

     7. Presence maquette in .cdr or .tif

       Offset printing - special printing method in which the ink is transferred from the printing plate via an intermediate blanket cylinder. The difference between this method of printing is that the image is transferred no way mirror, but printed directly. The use of offset - in flat printing. 

     Technology of offset printing is that, before the dye  gets the paper, it goes through the next stages:

    - A shaft with a form (plate, the base in which the aluminum alloy, which has a light-sensitive coating),

    - Offset shaft.

     The image is put on the form. After placement and development unit, overexposed parts of the form are beginning to attract water and repel any oily substance, in particular paint. In this way the paint is transferred only to the hydrophobic part of the form, to shape the letters and any image. Each time you turn the shaft with the form (which caused the image) is washed with water. After inking rollers thanks to its hydrophobic parts of the print is applied paint. Print story moved from the shaft offset printing form to the shaft, and only then to the paper. Offset shaft is used to reduce the wear and forms a more uniform application of paint.

     Advantages of offset printing:

    - To achieve the best  quality of printing

    - Operational printing large amounts of leaflets, booklets

    - Offset printing can achieves cheap cost of printing for large print runs

     Disadvantages of offset printing:

    - method  of Offset printing requires prepress which includes- color separation, proofing, creating forms, print forms, preparing press.

    Digital offset printing - a modern way of offset. With digital offset plot to be printed, put on the form, which is installed directly on the press.

    Photo Offset - offset printing technology, which uses photoforms.

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