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Large-format printing

    For information about the cost of large-format printing in our company "Unioprint", go to:

    Price for large-format printing 

    Large format printing in the firm "Unioprint" is an on-premise Mimaki CJV30, using only original inks Mimaki BS3. With large format printing we use solvent based printing technology application when the paint out from a special material (solvent)burn  into the cappingof the material (Oracal, banner).

    Solvent contains pigments, through this technology, printing becomes part of the material.Using the original ink, not Chinese substitutes allow make our printing more resistant to conditions.

    Company «Unioprint» strongly recommended not to save on quality  ofoutdoor printing. Use of Chinese materials and Chinese paint  leads to that in a few months of use, your advertising will "anti-advertising" (exposed to weather conditions, fading from sunlight washing of paint).

    The materials that are used for large-format printing:

    1. Self-adhesive  foil Oracal, Ritrama, Avery, Neshn, Maktak. These films are differonly by the manufacturer, which is listed on the substrate of the material. Other qualities (the density of the material, the main color, the adhesive backing, a guarantee on the placement of the material) - identical. Promotional film adhesive is used to place advertising and news items to:

    - shop window sticking - information about promotions, discounts, sales, receipt of a new collection, general information on the product range and the headings shown in the store.

    - any flat surface floor, ceilingand walls. Feature  of advertising information on the floor - Advertising must necessarily protect an additional layer of transparent film (lamination of the plot)

    - transport branding. This type of advertising has become very fashionable, especially after the decision was overturned on the need to obtain permission to pasting transport - advertisement image. A full story, which is placed on the surface of the transport  also required to cover the additional protective layer laminated film, so the image is not wash out after automatic car wash.

    2. Banner molted, laminated, translucent. Banners so populardue to their applicability to any surface of the building, premises. For the installation of banners do not need smooth surface, in contrast to self-adhesive films for which it is - a must use. Banner (molded, laminated, mesh) can be easily mounted(assemble,) on the concrete, brick surface. If the mounting surface is not smooth enough - it is recommended to make an additional frame on which through cringles (special mounting in the banner) with the help of a rope to stretch banner.

    When committing to a volumetric space recommended banner mesh.

    Difference between Cast of laminated banners that cast banner used for the exterior. This banner is more dense, therefore, it is less affected by weather conditions than, for example, laminated banner. Laminated banner is less dense, because made ​​by a different technology than the cast banner. Therefore, laminated banner used for internal use, or for outdoor, but not for a long time (it is important to understand that in the winter time, the use of laminated banner impossible). Distinction laminated banner -  cheaper price and more impressive colors.

    Translucent banner - a special banner fabric, which is used for outdoor lighting designs. This is a more economical alternative than,  using  acrylic, polycarbonate covered with advertising film. Translucent banner for quality of color is not inferior to the story, printed on advertising self-adhesive film.

    3. Paper blyubek, sitic. Used for printing outdoor advertising blyubek (the name comes from the blue substrate, for high-quality of color).

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