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Additional services

     Company "Unioprint" pasting offers quality outdoor advertising. Our specialists carry out:

     - The original design of the outdoor advertising - designed layouts signage, banner design, design sticker in the window, the window wall. We always tell you how to make so that your advertising saw a lot of people, and not only see, but also applied to your firm. In our work we use a marketing approach that is Our advertising is not only attracts attention, but also sells).

     - Removal of outdoor advertising, self-adhesive film oracal. In order to make quality pasting plot outdoor advertising, you must carefully prepare for this your work surface. Our experts carefully wash adhesive residue after removal of the film. We strongly recommend to remove the remains of the surface of the adhesive layer to your advertising was qualitatively hung (no bubbles or other Defect). Remember, the adhesive residue will be enlightened, and your ads will appear as anti-advertising. Do not let poor quality work.

    - Dismantling of banners, signage.

    - Taping windows, transport at your own advertising. We have extensive experience in this area, if necessary we can provide you with references from our loyal customers.

    - Installation of banners, banner signs. Please contact our advertising and production agency, and we help you to make high-quality outdoor advertising your firm. If necessary for you to services of a professional designer to help you pick up any story.

      For our customers, one hour of the designer - FREE. Subsequent time - 80.00 USD for each hour of work specialist.

     You will be satisfied with our work by Yunioprint. Call  067-19-169-19, 066-99-590-99, send us your layouts - unioprint@mail.ru, come, we are always glad to.

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