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About us

       Firm "Unioprint" - a young but ambitious team of marketing professionals, graphic designers, printers and workers who glue outdoor advertising. We offer the best prices for our products in compliance with the highest quality printing.

     Advantages of working with us:

- We are working with original paint BS3, and not Chinese substitutes, so our printing bright, and less affected by weather conditions. We carry a guarantee on the quality of our products up to 2 years from the date of your order,

- We offer a free development of original models design your advertising. Professional designers are happy to help you realize your advertising ideas

     Our production facilities allow to take the next volume printing and pasting:

200 squares printed per day, 73,000 squares per year!

100 squares of gluing a day, 36,500 squares per year!

We provide services in the following cities:


    Kharkiv, Kharkiv region




 Good Deals

For you, we offer the following promotional "New Year" package:

- For large format printing in the amount of 2 thousand hryvnia - 1000 business cards for free!

- When ordering standard quality (720 dpi) you get a self-adhesive tape or a banner, printed photo quality (1440 dpi) at a price of normal quality

- To all our customers a free design layout (up to 1 hour of the designer).


Name of work min max

Film «Oracal» 

(glossy, matte, transparent)

57,00 90,00
Film «One way vision» (perforated) 116,00 140,00
Laminated banner 440 g/m ² 51,00 80,00
Banner cast 510 g/m ² 62,00 100,00
Mesh Banner «Mesh» (Europe) 68,00 90,00
Textiles 120 g/m ² 82,00 100,00
Blueback poster 230,00 250,00
Paper sitic 50,00 60,00
PLOTTER CUTTINGSESF adhesive film (white) 50,00 70,00
PLOTTER CUTTINGSESF adhesive film (colour) 70,00 90,00


The cost of mounting a banner, banner signs is announced after the trip to the field object.

Design services - UAH 100 per hour. The first hour is FREE!

Additional information